DFJ Bitcoin Obtains MSB Registration Again and Expands Formal Service Scope Worldwide

  Posted: 2023-05-19

TAOYUAN, Taiwan, May 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Two years after it obtained the MSB Registration administered by FINTRAC, DFJ Bitcoin now obtains the MSB Registration administered by FinCEN, which means that it can legally conduct cryptocurrency business in the US and around the world under the supervision of local governments. In this regard, the security of assets and information is greatly guaranteed, making DFJ Bitcoin more attractive to global investors.

The MSB Registration represents the recognition of platform compliance and allows the digital asset management platform to carry out currency transfer services. This Registration enables DFJ Bitcoin to conduct digital currency transactions in a secure and compliant way and expand its service scope in the US, so that users’ needs can be better met and more diverse services can be available.

The US is the largest country of immigrants today, contributing to a mature financial system. Immigrants are an inalienable part of diverse and prosperous communities in the US, with thousands of investors and cross-border businessmen in all communities. Therefore, there exist huge demands for financial services and great interest in investment, and the establishment of digital currency platforms in the US makes these transactions possible.

DFJ Bitcoin can also meet the remittance, trading and cross-border payment requirements of global investors and enterprises. Conducting business within the regulatory framework of the US market can protect the blockchain assets of global users and make their assets easier to control, thus ensuring the circulation and exchange of digital assets as well as the preservation and appreciation of digital assets.

Due to the MSB Registration’s supervision responsibility for registered enterprises and members, DFJ Bitcoin must also comply with anti-money laundering regulations, reduce possible fraudulent behaviors on the platform, guarantee the authenticity of transactions and the security of user assets, and truly fulfill ethical and social responsibilities, such as ensuring social and economic stability and safeguarding public interests.

As a government-licensed platform, DFJ Bitcoin is superior to other non-compliant platforms in the market in terms of credibility, security, compliance, etc. DFJ Bitcoin complies with the Hyperledger Fabric that provides various frameworks, tools, standards and guidelines for blockchain application development. The Hyperledger Fabric consists of frameworks such as Indy, Burrow, Fabric and Sawtooth and tools such as Cello, Quilt and Caliper.

These tools and frameworks enable blockchain developers to build blockchain applications that optimize and enhance processes across various industries. Take the Hyperledger Fabric for example. It is used in a range of businesses in different industries to simplify the process, improve productivity, boost growth, and ensure the security of user assets and data, Therefore, DFJ Bitcoin is also known as the “most trusted partner” by the market.

DFJ Bitcoin has also been committed to the compliance development of exchanges and actively participating in the global compliance process. In the future, DFJ Bitcoin will provide more compliant digital asset financial services around the world.


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