ViaBTC Upgrades Mining Pool Technology and Introduces Innovative Products and Services

By 디스트리트   Posted: 2023-04-09

HONG KONG, April 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently ViaBTC’s R&D team has upgraded the mining pool’s underlying architecture, optimized block broadcast transmission, and introduced innovative products and services such as “Auto Conversion/Withdrawal” and “Crypto Loans”. ViaBTC provides transparent mining statistics and “Hashrate Warning” to ensure a seamless mining experience for its users.

Low-profile and pragmatic, ViaBTC lays a solid foundation and makes steady progress

Within just one year of its founding, ViaBTC’s BTC hashrate had already entered the top five globally, earning the trust and favor of countless miners. However, ViaBTC did not rest on its laurels, instead focusing on continually improving the user experience and refining its products. This dedication to excellence paid off, with multiple mining pools supporting mainstream cryptocurrencies such as LTC, DASH, and ZEC going live in succession. Today, ViaBTC provides mining services for 15 different cryptocurrencies, with a cumulative mining output of tens of billions of dollars.

Rigorous and professional, ViaBTC ensures more stable mining profits with strong technical strength

Only an excellent team can make the company go further. Believing that “the team is the first product of the company”, ViaBTC regards its team as the most important competitiveness and the most central product. By constantly recruiting talents, ViaBTC has built a strong global professional team. The team members used to work at well-known Internet and financial companies around the world, and more than 60% of them are R&D workers. It is fair to say that ViaBTC is a technology-driven company.

Haipo Yang, the driving force behind ViaBTC, places great emphasis on the technical aspects of mining pools. As a leader with a technical background, he understands the importance of a strong R&D team and sets high standards for his team members. Yang insists on strict code reviews and ensures that every detail, including spaces, variable naming, and architecture design, is meticulously considered. As a result, ViaBTC has maintained a flawless technical record over the past 7 years, with the lowest orphan rate in the network, providing miners with stable and reliable profits. This technical excellence has allowed ViaBTC to outperform its peers in terms of mining profits.


With commitment, ViaBTC “makes the world a better place via blockchain”

ViaBTC, a stable and reliable player in the competitive crypto industry, has steadily grown since its establishment in 2016. The company prioritizes stability and understands the importance of allowing users to mine blocks.

Today, by virtue of its professional technologies and high-quality products, ViaBTC has evolved from a mining pool with a single business to an all-encompassing ecosystem, serving more than 4 million users from over 200 countries and regions around the world. Its operations, including ViaBTC Pool, CoinEx Exchange, CSC, ViaWallet, and ViaBTC Capital, are all indispensable infrastructures of blockchain. In the future, ViaBTC will stay committed to becoming a “crypto gateway” for more users and, via blockchain, making the world a better place. This is not only ViaBTC’s commitment, but also its mission.