P&C Solution to Launch METALENSE on October 4, 2022

  Posted: 2022-10-04

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — P&C Solution, an XR (extended reality) specialist, announced the concurrent launch of its new product, “METALENSE” in the Korean and overseas markets on October 4, 2022. In Korea, P&C Solution plans the product launch at the Korea Electronics Show (KES) 2022 to be held at COEX, Seoul for four days from October 4 (Tue.) to 7 (Fri.). The product will also be concurrently launched overseas through the distribution of a promotional article across North America, Europe, and Asia.

P&C Solution to Launch METALENSE on October 4, 2022

P&C Solution won recognition of its technological power by receiving the Innovation Awards presented only to innovative products at the KES. KES is Korea’s top-tier exhibition of IT convergence products. KES is a large-scale event, so a number of overseas buyers as well as domestic companies will attend (participate in) this exhibition. In addition, KES 2022 will showcase a variety of items including various electronic equipment and ICT, IoT, AR, and XR solutions and also offer the related side events.

P&C Solution provides a wide range of services based on the AR, XR, and digital twin technologies. As key services, the company proposes AR glasses and a differentiated XR solution to handle issues caused by communication errors between administrators and operators, and recognition errors of operators in industrial sites. The products can not only be used in industrial sites, but also be customized for application to various fields including logistics, construction, manufacturing, military, medicine, education, and culture.

METALENSE, a new product to be unveiled at the exhibition, was created by upgrading the optical part and AR engine functions of the existing AR glasses. Through lens offering high resolution and clarity, it provides a huge sense of immersion, enabling users to experience mixed reality more realistically.

The company is preparing to demonstrate remote cooperation solution and AR drawing using METALENSE at the exhibition. “We look forward to introducing our new AR glasses model and service at the KES 2022,” said a P&C Solution official. He expressed great expectations for the company’s participation in the event by saying, “We will make thorough preparations to make the event a meaningful opportunity to announce the launch of our new product, METALENSE.”